For your organisation or your business to strive the Mental Health and Well-Being of your employees is essential. At AVANTI, we provide customised Mental Health training for statutory and voluntary, organisations and for businesses which are tailored to your unique needs and designed in a cooperatively way.

We offer a mental health awareness and Well-Being in the workplace program., which lifts spirit and morale for staff across the board, and enables your employee to coping better with their day-to-day challenges.

We also provide a relaxation training program. This is hugely popular and can provide you with the support that is needed to help relax and reduce stress levels

We also facilitate Mental Health and Well-Being events, which can be booked within a corporate environment, introducing techniques to managing stress and offer activities to increase Well-Being according to your requirements.

We can design and deliver your alternative Well-Being days where we use mental health and well-being focused activities and outside-the-box techniques if you want to provide a positive experience for your employees which will stay with them for a long time.

We offer also general mental health awareness training for organisations working with a client group which might have mental health needs.

Whatever you believe your staff would benefit from, the AVANTI team can provide the access to the support you need.

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke training needs .