AVANTI offers reflective practice Supervision for groups and individuals. Especially beneficial in difficult times when work stresses can sometimes be overwhelming.

For any employer having supervisory support in the workplace, can be a Plus. In addition to managerial supervision employees often feel that there is not enough attention and time given to being able to reflect on their own work and debrief, and for processing feelings arising from day-to day challenges and evaluate their experiences. When used in the right context, this can be essential to prevent compassion fatigue and stress related absences especially in organisations working with vulnerable client groups and help staff to improve their work practice.

Regular customised, bespoke reflective supervision can lead to a lot of positive changes. It can be useful within the workplace when you want to help balance work morale, increase job satisfaction and improve the general mood of your staff.

This service has proven long-term benefits within the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Improved morale for staff. Your staff will generally be in a much better frame of mind with their mood and mindset.
  • Reduced compassion fatigue. especially when working with vulnerable client groups our service can play a role in keeping people focused on the task at hand and avoid staff from feeling worn-out.
  • Minimised staff absences. When staff can speak their mind and get support for their issues, either in the moment or upon reflection, stress-based absences will be reduced.
  • Increased workplace productivity. The  fact is  that your staff, when  free from their mental stresses, can focus more on their tasks and be generally more productive.

Our groups and interventions can be managed to fit your organisations needs and desires. The AVANTI team  is more than happy discuss the support you and your employees need. 

Contact us today, and we can discuss what options are available.