Our Services offer also individual and Group Therapy  and interventions  which might be subsidised by funding. All services are offered in different formats depending on client’s requirements and the current Covid restrictions. Face to Face, online via Zoom or Teams as well as over the phone. You will have access to therapeutic interventions  in a timely  manner accessible whenever you need it without long waiting times.

We use a range of different services to achieve this, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). A practical short term therapy that helps you change your thoughts and behaviours.
  • Systemic (Family) Therapy. The systemic approach focusses on family and group dynamics and interactions and offers to get a better understanding of these and the resolution of difficulties.
  • Gestalt Therapy. This holistic, person-centred  form of psychotherapy increase your awareness for the present moment and helps by  focusing on current, present challenges. 
  • Hypnotherapy. Fast and effective. Uses Relaxation, Imagination and Visualisation to deepen positive suggestions for change.
  • Stress Management  Is life too stressful? Are your mental health struggles based  on high-stress levels. We can teach you  useful relaxation techniques for coping and reducing stress 
  • Coaching Life coaching is a transformative journey toward personal and professional fulfilment, offering individuals invaluable support and guidance. Through targeted sessions, you gain clarity on goals, identify obstacles, and develop actionable plans for success, fostering a more purposeful life. It empowers self-discovery, unlocking your full potential, building resilience, and enhancing overall well-being. As a catalyst for growth, life coaching helps navigate challenges, overcome barriers, and achieve lasting success in both personal and professional endeavours

Contact us today to find out when we can book you in for your first session , and we can discuss your agreed treatment and fees. 

Please note that the first session is free of charge, and fees are on a sliding scale depending on your individual financial situation. The sessions are usually 50 min.